Some Links & Contact

Some Links

Here are some of the sites I maintain.


Regarding Contact Information

You can contact me through the About Me tab below; an email address is listed there.

A Note on Privacy

I’m not interested in having an email list.  Therefore, the only way I could have any information is because you contact me first.

That should answer any questions about privacy.  Your information is private since I am not collecting it.


More on Links

These links are not sites I maintain myself.  They are affiliate sites, meaning that if you purchase from them, I will get a commission.

I list them because I am interested in health.  I take these products myself.

You can check out the sites yourself if you are interested.


Even more on links

I do run some evangelistic websites in foreign languages.  If you are holding a meeting or have some special notice about an evangelistic meeting, and it would fit on one of the respective language blogs I maintain, contact me, and I might put it on a blog after verifying necessary information.



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