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Current Work

Here are some of the sites I maintain.

Before Current Work

I was working, most recently, as a “virtual assistant” for an oil field related job, until that job shut down around 2020-ish.   As happened to many people, life changed during that season of time.

With free time to write, I created certain blogs to share information.

If anything has been true about these last few years, it is this:

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

The blogs are a combination of things I write, and things I repost.  Some of the blogs are listed above.

To Those Whose Works I Repost

Because videos posted on YouTube are under the Fair Use principle, I assume that if you posted it on YouTube, or elsewhere, and made it shareable, that it is truly free to share.

If there is something on one of my blogs you do not want shared, email me, with the “exact blog name” (as I manage more than one blog) and the “exact post title” (to make it easier for me to find by searching), so that I can remove the item.


Regarding Contact Information

Contact:  cheryl.jones.j  @         

(It needs to be scrunched together…the spaces are to prevent spam bots from picking up the email.)


For those of you who operate ministries in foreign languages

I do maintain some gospel websites in foreign languages.

They exist for the purpose of people finding out about Jesus.

If you consider these sites useful, I would appreciate a link from  your own website, blog, or social media mention.

Linking to a website from your own blog or website or social media page is one of the best ways for other people to find out about that same website.

Google searches do not always bring up the information easily.

Information is hidden.

Therefore,  sharing with others, and linking to blogs or sites or videos  that you consider useful or important is the best way for your friends, family, and neighbors to find out about the site.

Thank you.

Other Info


[These are affiliate sites, meaning that if you purchase from them, I may make a commission.]


The link below is different.  It is not an affiliate link.  The link is listed because their site should be known and supported.   If you want to support the a site that is battling the lies of the controlled press, and ultimately the globalists behind them, then purchase from their store below.

Some of the related sites are,, and

Purchase their high quality supplements, or you can donate directly to their efforts.  They are viewer supported.

If you don’t tithe to a church, but want to help a worthy cause, considering giving to Infowars.  And even if you do tithe already to a church, consider buying something on a regular basis, like their toothpaste or a supplement which you might purchase elsewhere.  It goes to a good cause.

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