About Me

So what do I do?

I was working as a “virtual assistant” on a job related to the oil field, until that job shut down around 2020-ish.   I didn’t keep track of the exact date. As happened to many people, life changed during that season of time.

With newly released free time, I created various blogs to share information.

With prior writing experience, and some prior studies, there was a bit of background that was useful in navigating the Covid season.

If anything is true about the Covid season, this is:

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.


With more free time, I began developing more blogs.

FYI on Internet Information

Here’s a secret.  A lot of writing on the internet is actually done by AI’s.  Not only are AI bots used to make phony comments and “likes” on social media, they also write articles.  Now, the articles are only as good as the information fed them.  GIGO = GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT

Not everything you see on the internet was carefully crafted by a human being.


However, when I write, I write.

And that is also why you may see some changes after something is posted.  I may catch a typo or grammatical error that I missed the first time.  I may switch out an image.  Or, I may feel a post needs to be improved upon and that I need to better clarify something once it is posted.   I don’t have an editing team that combs through these things.

Some blogs contain a number of reposts.  Those posts should have links to the original work and should, in some way, be identifiable as someone else’s work.


To Those Whose Works I Repost

Because videos posted on YouTube are under the Fair Use principle, I assume that if you posted it on YouTube, or elsewhere, and made it shareable, that it is free to share.  If there is something on one of my blogs you do not want shared, email me, with the “exact blog name” (as I manage more than one blog) and the “exact post title” (to make it easier for me to find by searching), so that I can remove the item.


(Please fix the formatting before sending, the formatting is to stop spammers.)

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Some Links & Contact

Some Links

Here are some of the sites I maintain.


Regarding Contact Information

You can contact me through the About Me tab below; an email address is listed there.

A Note on Privacy

I’m not interested in having an email list.  Therefore, the only way I could have any information is because you contact me first.

That should answer any questions about privacy.  Your information is private since I am not collecting it.


More on Links

These links are not sites I maintain myself.  They are affiliate sites, meaning that if you purchase from them, I will get a commission.

I list them because I am interested in health.  I take these products myself.

You can check out the sites yourself if you are interested.


Even more on links

I do run some evangelistic websites in foreign languages.  If you are holding a meeting or have some special notice about an evangelistic meeting, and it would fit on one of the respective language blogs I maintain, contact me, and I might put it on a blog after verifying necessary information.



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